IR Panther in Silesia

Infra Red Panther No. 242 captured by the 1st Czechoslovak Independent Tank Brigade in Silesia
during fights from 15 to 17 April 1945. This tank was captured northwards of the Opava River,
between Opava (Troppau) and Ostrava (Ostrau) towns.
According BA-MA map KART RH2 OST No. 6587 from 15 April 1945
and KART RH2 OST No. 6588 from 16 April 1945
the opponent of Czechoslovak brigade
was the German 19. Panzerdivision.

The same tank as above from the front.

One of tanks destroyed by Cechoslovaks near railway crossing near Boletice.
Side skirts have similar round corners as the "242" above.