MARKINGS: Errors, Myths & Questions

We All Know This Story ...

Note 1: I have seen no photo evidence that LSSAH actually used its assigned Kursk symbol.
Note 2: The Kursk symbol for the 23. Panzer Division - a white mark similar to a "checkmark" with two bottom strokes, has also been added. Someone also suggested it looks like a musical key or clef symbol. It appears on a Panzer IV Ausf. F2 or G photo in the ACHTUNG PANZER series, and also on one photo I have seen of Pz. Rgt. 201's 9. (s.IG)Kp. Stu.Pz. III's. Even though that division was held in reserve, it was nevertheless, issued a special sign for Kursk.
Note 3: I have one grainy photo of actual Grossdeutschland usage - an Sd.Kfz 251/? Ausf. C. with the Kursk symbol on the front plate. I have not yet seen any other examples.
Note 4: I have photos which show actual use by both the 106. Infantrie Division and by LII Korps.